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Proper Plumbing Usage for our Southern Florida Tenants

As property managers of your community, it's our duty to ensure that our properties remain in excellent condition for the comfort and convenience of all our tenants. One crucial aspect of maintaining our properties is proper plumbing usage. Our properties are older, and the plumbing systems require special care to avoid costly and disruptive issues. This newsletter aims to remind everyone about the importance of using the plumbing systems correctly.


Toilet Etiquette:

Please remember that our plumbing systems are designed to handle only human waste and toilet paper. Flushing anything other than these items can lead to blockages that affect the entire plumbing network. This includes baby wipes, wet wipes, and even wipes labeled as "plumbing safe." Flushing these items is considered negligence and can result in significant inconvenience and expense for both you and your fellow tenants.


Sink and Drain Care:

In the kitchen, only water-soluble liquids should be poured down the sink. Items like oils, fats, rice, and other foods can cause stubborn blockages deep within the plumbing system, leading to disruptions for all tenants. Improper disposal of foods and liquids is considered negligence. Proper disposal of these items in the appropriate waste containers can help prevent these issues.


Lease and Responsibility:

We would like to remind all tenants that your lease agreement specifies your responsibility to follow the rules, restrictions, and laws applicable to the premises. Additionally, while we are committed to keeping plumbing fixtures in good repair, the lease states that the landlord will not be held responsible for plumbing conditions caused by tenant negligence or wrongful actions.



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